Azercell: Mobile App UX/UI concept for leading mobile operator

  • Year: 2019
  • Country: Azerbaijan
  • Type:Mobile number management system
  • Market: Telecommunications
  • Developed elements: UX prototypes, UX testing, UI design


With the largest market share and more than 4,8 million customers, Azercell is the leading mobile operator in Azerbaijan. Azercell has invested more than 1 billion USD in projects aimed at developing the telecommunications sector and improving the social welfare of the country. Development of the mobile application is given the ability for Azercell users to manage their number, control and replenish the balance, activate Internet packages, as well as Internet packages for roaming, change tariff packages and perform many other operations.

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ProcureAz — #1 procurement system in Azerbaijan

  • Year: 2018-2019
  • Country: Azerbaijan
  • Type: digital marketplace (SAAS)
  • Market: procurement
  • Developed elements: Usecases research, UX prototypes, UI design


We got a new lead from Azerbaijan. Local IT company decided to develop a new innovative procurement system for their market. There were no opportunity to make any benchmarking from competitors in Azerbaijan. Therefore ProcureAz developers were looking for them in the West. Finally they chose Ukrainian experience because Ukraine has probably the latest and one of the most successful governmental procurement system -

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Vodafone Ukraine: customers certification

  • Year: 2018
  • Country: Ukraine
  • Type: phone number certification service
  • Market: telecommunications
  • Developed elements: UML diagrams, user journey scenarios, UX prototypes, UI design

Ukrainian parliament made a new law that require all mobile phone users to be officially registered. Customers of all mobile operators have to add personal information to their accounts. Information must be proved by personal ID or digital signature.

Vodafone Ukraine company decided to implement this law. It outsourced software development to Ukrainian IT company This company has big experience in introducing of electronic document interchange to Ukrainian market. UX/UI development was outsourced to our design studio

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