VKursi: government open data research service

  • Year: 2018
  • Country: Ukraine
  • Type: open data research service
  • Market: open data
  • Developed elements: UX prototypes, UI design

Ukraine open all its non-secret government information (companies registration info, taxes info, court documents etc.) to the public. But it couldn’t provide useful interface for this. This situation opened opportunities for IT companies to create services that give users better user experience in search for government data.

WDT was one of these companies that decided to get that challenge. It got talented developers and started to make that service. After several years of development they realise that user experience is important too and they hired our design studio «YellowArrow.design» to provide them new UX/UI.

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9t: Links Management Platform

  • Year: 2016
  • Country: Thailand
  • Type: link managment system (SAAS)
  • Market: marketing
  • Developed elements: Usecases research, UX prototypes, UI design, usability testing
In 2015 we received order to develop link management system for marketer and SMM-specialists who share links in social networks and demand analytics about their progress.

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Document interchange for the “Mother and Child” clinic

  • Year: 2015
  • Country: Ukraine
  • Type: e-document interchange (SAAS)
  • Market: Health care
  • Developed elements: Usecases research, UX prototypes, UI design


In 2015 we were approached by a group of developers, who were setting up an electronic document interchange for the “Mother and Child” clinic. We’ve helped them design their product.

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