How much does it cost?

We cannot predict the price for the whole project on the beginning. You have to make a usability research first, thereafter we would know the amount of tasks we have to do. Therefore we implemented flexible payment scheme that is quite common in IT:

The prices are pretty simple

The prices are pretty simple

Expert for one workweek / hour

Weekly rate: 1100 USD / week.

Hourly rate: 40 USD / hour

We use a time tracking software in case of hourly rate therefore you could check our work carefully. There are full statistic and screenshots of our work available.

We expect prepayment at the beginning of our cooperation. Further payments can be made weekly or monthly (for permanent customers). You can transfer payments via Payoneer or SWIFT.

What is our workflow

  • Usecases research
  • UX prototyping
  • UX prototype testing
  • UI creation
  • Requirements specification

UX and usability testing

We provide testing of features on 2 stages of interface development. We do UX testing on prototypes before coding. And usability tests after some feature is done. Usually product owners do not test the whole amount of usecases but the most difficult ones.

The price for testing is the same:

Weekly rate: 1100 USD / week.

Hourly rate: 40 USD / hour

Plus 5 USD per test. So the price is slightly depending of how many testers you want to check the interface. 5-15 are usually enough.

This kind of test is made with video recording. We could figure out mistakes that users do and fix the UX according to this knowledge.

After collecting UX and usability mistakes we suggest you a new prototyope that will fix these problems.

Watch the sample

UX and usability testing
Estimate your project

Estimate your project

We could estimate your project in time and price after a short research. Please write us or call and tell about it.

Contact us

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