UI development

Aesthetic, attractive and user-friendly interface is your advantage over competitors. Nowadays users are demanding to form and to content of product, therefore they choose modern adaptive design, which will be nicely displayed both on desktop and on mobile device.

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UX prototyping: Construction of a program / application / website

UX professionals are crucial part of modern software and applications development. Project needs them not only for usability reasons.

UX prototyping gives you opportunity to:

  • test your ideas before development stage
  • arrange a cheap way improve features
  • create easy-to-use user experience and easy-to-develop in the same time
  • give visual requirements for programmers

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Usecases research

We offer large amount of services. Our specialists investigate users’ needs and competitors’ products. We discover all advantages, usability of future product usecases and values that customers have in this product.

We help to investigate and to document in detail all customer’s ideas about new website / service / program / application. Here are examples of usecases: Registration, Remind password, Create a document.

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Requirements are necessary for programmers to understand which amount of work should be done. This document contains detailed information about each function, page and operation of future system.

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Prices for services

How much does it cost?

We cannot predict the price for the whole project on the beginning. You have to make a usability research first, thereafter we would know the amount of tasks we have to do. Therefore we implemented flexible payment scheme that is quite common in IT:

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